Thanks to Andriy Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, for his special message to World Affairs Council of San Antonio guests at the 2023 International Citizen of the Year Award Dinner!

USGLC Summit 2018


Intern participation at the USGLC Summit 2018

The United States Global Leadership Collision was a two day conference held in Washington D.C. on June 18 and 19. With the participation of speakers such as Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State during the Clinton Administration (1997-2001), Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey (2010-2018) and Governor Howard Dean of Vermont (1991-2003) and others, hot topics were discussed and analyzed. The current migration conflict and the separation of children from their families, had members of Congress thinking of whether America has lost their values or if with the intention of protecting the nation, human rights have been violated. Mrs. Albright highlighted the fact that America has been founded by migrating communities, adding that she was an immigrant from Europe who had found freedom in this country, her concern of how America has become a place where hate and zero tolerance and her hopes for America to continue to follow moral values by doing always what is right.

With different opinions and topics on the table, Governor Christie and Governor Dean, had a conversation of modern issues, focusing on youth health problems such as obesity and addiction, as well these facts affecting the labor force of America, increasing the number of these unemployed.  Governor Dean, mentioned that in modern times, as the world changes it becomes more complex, diversity and tolerance are a key factor that need to be embraced when people do not agree with each other. He suggested that it was time to let new generations lead the nation as he believes, the American government is formed by politicians who have been continuing to lead the country and it was time to let the doors open for new ideas and new statements.

Concerned about the budget not being enough for Diplomatic purposes and International Affairs, different members of multiple profit and non -profit organizations had the opportunity to lobby on Capitol Hill during the second day of the Summit. Visiting the offices of different members of Congress, representatives of these organizations (each from the state of Texas) were able to speak their minds on what they were lacking and request what they think needs to be done.

Lastly, networking with about 500 hundred people from all over the country and the world, the conference was a world wide community that came together with the purpose of exchanging ideas that will benefit us all. The inclusion of each person in all the more private conversations, made very clear diplomacy is key for the stability of nations.  Respect and tolerance over people’s ideas, as well to patiently listen to what people have to say, is a fact that governments need to take as a priority to improve their service, to know what they are lacking and for the common benefit of America. Listening to different ideas is always beneficial for a broader spectrum of criteria, it helps to increase tolerance towards what is not known or not understood. As the concern of failing has increased, the one priority is the stabilization of the country as it has always been an example for other nations to be followed, to remain united and successful, Americans need to come together  to prosper and than will continue to do so.

World Affairs Council of San Antonio Intern- Alicia C. Sanchez Del Castillo


June 25,2018