Thanks to Andriy Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, for his special message to World Affairs Council of San Antonio guests at the 2023 International Citizen of the Year Award Dinner!

The Return of the Cold War

The most recent news about International Affairs in America, about the conflict between Russia and the U.S. has stopped the improvement of diplomatic relations between nations but may lead to what it could be the resolution of the Cold War. Historically the Soviet Union and The United Stated of America have had a long conflict of proving who is the most powerful country, as well improving their military arsenal with the most sophisticated technology and most lethal weapons. Since the end of the Cold War, the world lived in a period of serenity, although issues between these powers never really ended. Many other conflicts continued to influenced the will of Russia to attack the U.S. and vice-versa. With different ideologies ruling each country being the main causing of their disagreement, a silent war between the nations seems to not have an end. However, diplomacy seems to be the last resort to dissolve the conflict. The Cold War, was a long period of time in History that proved none of the two main actors are willing to attack and cause real damaged to their adversaries, but instead to be using buffer states as their fields to only test their power, while their governments work on resolutions, the egocentricity of it all has no date to end. Odd Arne Westad from the Foreign Affairs magazine suggest, that contemporary politics are nothing but false analogies, and the “return of the Cold War” might only be one of them.

By Alicia C Sanchez Del Castillo World Affairs Council Intern

Photo Credit: Radio Free Asia